Virtual Vibrations Workshop with Strunden & Defazio, Foto von Tu Hoang performing Rhetorical Bodies by Strunden © Hanneke Wetzer, 2023.

When: TUE 2.4.2024- THU 4.4.2024 (10:00-17:00)

Where: HZT/Uferstudios - Studio 3, Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin

Registration for UdK-students: (Please also state your course of study, your motivation for wanting to join and your expectations of this workshop). Please apply before march 15th!

Virtual Vibrations

Embark on an immersive journey into the world of virtual avatars! This interdisciplinary workshop, led by Paula Strunden and Viviana Defazio, merges dance with virtual reality (VR). In Virtual Vibrations, you'll discover the fascinating interplay of movement, sound, and extended reality (XR). Inspired by Paula Strunden's XR dance performance "Rhetorical Bodies" and Viviana Defazio's bodywork aimed at connecting with oneself and others through deep listening, you'll create an embodied synthesizer that combines physical movements with auditory expression.

Equipped with VR headsets and software like Gravity Sketch and Adobe Mixamo, you'll blend free movement and dance with drawing in VR and full-body tracking exercises. Over three days of interactive sessions, Virtual Vibrations invites you to rediscover the boundaries of your body and challenge your identities within XR environments. Join us in discovering new forms of hybrid intimacy by moving your physical bodies in virtual reality, all without prior experience.

In the end of the workshop there will be a public performance of the students works at Uferstudio 3 on the 4th of april at 4pm

Paula Strunden is a transdisciplinary VR artist with a background in architecture. She studied in Vienna, Paris and London and worked at Raumlabor Berlin and Herzog & de Meuron Basel. As the founder of XR Atlas, an interdisciplinary online platform, Paula advocates alternative historiographies of virtual technologies. Currently, she is pursuing her design-led PhD as part of the European research network TACK at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. More at: or:

Viviana Defazio is a freelance dancer, choreographer, workshop facilitator, Shiatsu practitioner, and resides in Berlin. After completing her studies at Folkwang University, she worked and toured with Johannes Wieland, Anna Konjetzky, Romeo Castellucci, Jo Parkes, Stella Geppert, and Sasha Waltz. As a choreographer, she realizes participatory dance projects with children, teenagers, and adults, including intergenerational contexts at the Humboldt Forum, Bode Museum, and Feld-Theater in Berlin. Currently, she is working with Isabelle Schad as a dancer and co-choreographer for her piece "The Shift of Focus" and other new productions. More at: