When: 17.06.2024 (Mon), 14:00 - 18:00

Where: Design & Computation studio - TU main building, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin (

Workshop Tutor: InKüLe Team (Maria Kyrou, Mariam Rafehi, Franz Siebler)

Registration for UdK-students: (Please also state your course of study, your motivation for wanting to join and your expectations of this workshop)

Sessions_vr 7: Sense Making across Realities

Beginner VR-Workshop with the InKüLe Team

Sessions_vr is a series of workshops that explore VR technology for its artistic and educational affordances. In monthly sessions, educators and students have the opportunity to experiment and critically reflect on immersive media in an artistic context. This episode of sessions_vr aims to explore the potentiality of VR as a creative catalyst through the practice of dérive. Specifically, in sessions_vr 7 we will become voyageurs into the creative mind and novel psychogeography of the virtual. Employing the practice of dérive in virtual reality, we will explore through playful-constructive behaviour the geography of VRChat – a collection of social VR spaces created by its community. Coming together in small groups, we will stray from habituality and let ourselves be drawn by the attractions of the virtual terrain.

This session will be a replay of the workshop that the InKüLe team offered  at the Labor Digital “Between Technology and Weirdness” conference at the ZHdK in Zurich, Switzerland. More information about this conference can be found here.