When: 8 February 2024

Where: ZHdK, Zurich

Website LaborDigital: LaborDigital «Between Technology and Weirdness» // ZHdK

InKüLe Workshop @ LaborDigital - Experimental Learning Labs / ZHdK Zurich

On February 8th 2024 the InKüLe Workshop ›sessions_vr lab: sense-making across realities‹ will take place at LaborDigital conference in Zürich (ZHdK - Zurich Univeristy of the Arts)

sessions_vr lab: sense-making across realities

The sessions_vr lab is a series of workshops that explore VR technology for its artistic and educational affordances. In monthly sessions, educators and students have the opportunity to experiment and critically reflect on immersive media in an artistic context. This episode of sessions_vr aims to explore the potentiality of VR as a creative catalyst through the practice of dérive and is held at the Labor Digital ›Between Technology and Weirdness‹ conference at the ZHdK in Zurich, Switzerland. More information about the event can be found here.