Edited and curated by Sabine Huschka

A workshop format for speculative visions
Winter 22/23
Maria Kyrou, Mariam Rafehi, Sabine Huschka

Speculative Co-design of Future Learning Environments

Digital transformation in higher education depends on a bottom-up approach, in which both educators and learners share a common vision of a future learning culture. To initiate the process of developing such visions, we propose a playful and hybrid approach that counteracts social hierarchies and thematic boundaries. The outcomes we elaborate on are generated through a game called The Classroom of the Future, which we used for our structured workshop format.

Creative research by Maria Kyrou and Jiawen Wang
Winter 22/23
Maria Kyrou, Sabine Huschka

On Figures and Pointclouds

This article traces creative research on 3D scanning, that Maria Kyrou in collaboration with Jiawen Wang (Student Assistant, study program Art & Media) developed. Following an associative and process-oriented approach, they pursued a creative exploration of 3D scanning, while illuminating conceptual and technical aspects. This case study had a double scope: to experiment with the possibilities of different 3D scanning workflows for the creation of hybrid artistic formats and to reflect on ways of relating to emerging digital media.

separating data and design
April 2023
Marcel Haupt, Andi Rueckel, Robert Schnüll, Florian Weber


When designing digital tools, it’s important to consider the concept of separating data and design; one of the most fundamental principles in software development. But why is it so crucial and how does it relate to artistic education? In this text, we will delve into the benefits of separating data and design, opening access to the distinct layers, and explore how the “Separation of Concerns” intersects with artistic education. We hope to highlight the importance of creating digital tools that are not only functional, but also try to meet the different forms and needs within artistic education, as well as the disciplines’ unique teaching methods and learning styles.